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Natural, cultured, freshwater, saltwater, mabe, keishi, Biwa, seed - it's possible to find yourself adrift on an ocean of information, and misinformation, about pearls. Many people think pearls are pearls until they start to dig a little deeper. Then they're confronted with the variety of colors, sizes, shapes and types of pearls. If they get confused, it's no wonder. There's a lot to know about pearls and it can be intimidating.

dyed and natural colored pearlsIt doesn't have to be that way and that's why there's Pearl Crazy. We share hints and tips learned from years of interacting with this very special gem. We want to help you enjoy and be confident in your own interactions with them.

Our mission is to bring you pearl education and information. Whether you want a little information or a lot, we've got the articles and videos you need. We cover topics of interest to the novice and expert alike.

The information here isn't just for those who are already pearl or jewelry lovers, experts or collectors. If you're researching your first pearls or even if you're just curious about this gorgeous gem, this site has something for you. We give you information so that you can enjoy, wear, buy and sell pearls with confidence.

Come in and browse our articles and videos. It's helpful, it's fun and it may make you just a little crazy about pearls, too.

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Learn some simple methods for telling the real from the fake in this helpful video.

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Selling Vintage Pearls

Learn about common seller mistakes and how to fix them.


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